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Jyoti - Propelling Technology, Prospering Life.
Jyoti - Propelling Technology, Prospering Life.
Vertical Machinig Centers

VMC 850



To match the demand of greater accuracy and total reliability at higher speeds JYOTI has developed special performance series Vertical Machining Centers.
Key Features
Technical Specification
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Key Features

To match the demand of greater accuracy and total reliability at higher speeds JYOTI has developed special performance series Vertical Machining Centers. These rigid machines are broad based C type structure machines, with a moving table for easy access. The high dynamic structure supports rapid axes take-offs 2 with an acceleration of 5m/s . Hi-tech features like linear scale feedback and through coolant, high speed motorized spindle are incorporated in these machines as available options.

Technical Specifications



Table Size 1000 x 530 mm
T-slot-dimension 4 x 18 x 100 mm
Distance from Floor to Table 800 mm
Max. load on table 500 kgf


X axis travel 820 mm
Y axis travel 510 mm
Z axis travel 510 mm
Dist. from Spindle Face to table top 150-660 mm

Main Spindle

Spindle Speed 0 - 8000 rpm
Spindle Power 10.5 kw / 13.5 kw (Con./30min.)
Front Bearing Bore 70 mm
Spindle Nose BT-40

Accuracy (as per VDI/DGQ 3441)

Positioning Uncertainty 0.010 mm.


Rapid Traverse (X, Y & Z) 24 m/min
Cutting Feed 10 m/min

Automatic Tool Changer

Number of Tools 20
Tool Dia. Max. 80 mm
Tool Weight Max. 7 kg
Tool Length Max. 250 mm

Other Data

Weight (Approx.) 5700 Kg
Dimension (Approx.) (LxWxH) 2500 x 2100 x 2800 mm

Standard Features

›  AC Spindle Drive
›  AC SERVO Axis Drive
›  L.M.Guide Ways
›  Auto & Manual Coolant System
›  Centralized & Programmable Lubrication
›  Laser Calibrated axis for high precise positing accuracy and Repeatability
›  Electricals with quality devices & panel with A.C.
›  Work Light


›  Fully tooled up solutions to meet the customer needs & Tool life management
›  Chip Conveyor
›  APC
›  4 & 5 axis option
›  High speed spindle upto 12000 rpm with chiller
›  Flood Coolant System
›  Collant through Spindle
›  CNC System Fanuc 0iMC


All above information is subject to change arising out of continuous product improvement.
The description 'standard accessories / feature' conforms to its list; not the photo of machine shown in the catalogue.

Machine Highlights


Rigid Structure

Rigid Structure These machines are rigid machines designed for reliability in accuracy and speed. The complete structure is made out of graded casting and heat treated for consistent accuracy for long time. Broad rigid base with heavy cross ribbings dampens the effect of vibrations. Also the twin layer heavy column structure helps in balancing the whole machine while taking high cutting load. Table of the machine is made of nodular casting with the addition of special alloys for consistent accuracy over a long period of time.

The complete structure is FEA (Finite Element Analysis) proven with stringent analysis done by JYOTI.

Three point leveling of Base
With the 3 point support system, the machines can be installed quickly. These machines can also be moved easily and do not require any kind of leveling maintenance.

Performance Spindle

The spindle of the machine is designed and manufactured in house in JYOTI. For high speed and stability during heavy cutting loads, Angular contact bearings are used with life lubrication. These spindles are manufactured in our dedicated clean room facility and then finally balanced and extensively tested for performance.

Performance Spindle

Maintenance Free Guideway

Maintenance Free Guideway High precision P class linear motion guideways with exceptional static and dynamic stiffness are used in these machines. The guideways are completely protected from dirt and dust by extremely flexible telescopic covers. These guideways could be maintained virtually service free for life.

Auto Tool Changer

Auto Tool Changer The auto tool changer is a Twin Arm Type with Disc Type tool magazine capable of storing 20 Tools at a time. The Tool change time is 2.4 seconds. An option of 24 tool magazine is also available.

Easy Operating and Maintenance Environment

Operator Panel position

Operator Panel position The Operator control panel is located on the right side of the operator. 0 A 90 tilting Operator Panel helps the operator to view the machining area while handling the Machine Operating Panel.

Easy Chip Removal

The accumulated chips in the chip tray could be removed easily by just removing the chip tray from the front side of the machine.

Easy Chip Removal

Improved Maintenance

Improved Maintenance Units required regular checking like pneumatics, lubrication etc. are conveniently located for easy maintenance at the rear of the machine.

Spindle Ring Coolant Nozzles

Spindle Ring Coolant Nozzles The coolant nozzles provided around the Spindle face facilitates the manual adjustment of the nozzles for proper positioning of the coolant on the job while machining.


Controls SINUMERIK 810 D The high performance SINUMERIK 810D is a powerful, multi tasking CNC that uses and easy to understand programming and windows operating environment. Ease of use is enhanced by the hand held unit allowing the operator to control the process from the best viewing position.

Standard main features include

›  10.4” TFT colour screen with Ethernet connection
›  300 blocks look ahead
›  Part program storage up to 1.5 MB
›  Graphical tool length and work piece set up Tool life management
›  Shop mill Software for easy programming and operation

Productivity Improving Options


Electro Spindle (Opt.)

For high speed machining a 12000 RPM spindle with built-in motor is available. This is a high torque motorized spindle with better acceleration. The peak speed reaches within 2.5 seconds while the deceleration rate is only 2 seconds.

Electro Spindle (Opt.)

4 & 5 Axis Capability (Opt.)

Electro Spindle (Opt.) For maximum application and contouring flexibility, a full 4 axis rotary table with high resolution, programmable through the control system, increases productivity by machining multiple sides of a workpiece in single setting.

Probes (Opt.)

A wide choice of spindle and surface-sensing probes with infrared and radio transmission technology are available for increased spindle utilization, work piece set up and work piece measurement.

Coolant Through Spindle (CTS) (Option)

This option provides high pressure filtered coolant directly to the cutting edge minimizing heat distortion, ensuring maximum productivity with today's high performance tooling. Highly recommended for jobs demanding deep hole drilling and tapping.

Coolant Through Spindle (CTS) (Option)

Interference Diagram

Interference Diagram
Interference Diagram
Interference Diagram