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Jyoti - Propelling Technology, Prospering Life.
Jyoti - Propelling Technology, Prospering Life.
Turning Centers

DX 200



You can find a range of high technology CNC Lathes that deliver the fastest throughput you need in DX series manufactured by JYOTI.
Key Features
Technical Specification
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Key Features

In today's competitive market, you need to produce world class products quickly, accurately and with the minimum of non-productive time.

You can find a range of high technology CNC Lathes that deliver the fastest throughput you need in DX series manufactured by JYOTI. These machines are a result of continuous developments and innovations we have made in the field of machine tool ever since we started manufacturing CNC Lathes, compiling and considering the customer feedbacks and incorporating our own innovations.

Technical Specifications



Swing Over Bed 500 mm
Maximum Turning Length 500 mm
Std. Turning Dia 200 mm
Max.Turning Dia. 350 mm


X axis Travel 200 mm
Longitudinal (Z axis) Travel 500 mm
Rapid Feed (X & Z axis) 24 M/min

Main Spindle

Spindle Motor Power
(Continuous rating/30 min. rating)
9 kw/ 12 kw
Spindle Bore 70 mm
Spindle Nose A26
Max. Bar Capacity 52 mm
Speed Range 50 - 4000 rpm
Full Power Speed Range 750 - 3250 rpm


No. of Stations 8
Max. Boring Bar DIa 40 mm
Tool Size (Cross Sectional) 25 x 25 mm

Accuracy (asper VDI/DGQ 3441)

Positioning Uncertainty 0.007 mm.

Tail Stock

Quill Diameter 85 mm
Quill Stroke 120 mm
Thrust (adjustable) (max) 500 kgf


Weight (Approx.) 3900 Kg
Dimension (Approx.) (LxWxH) 2690 x 1635 x 1485 mm

Standard Features

›  8 Station Bi-directional Servo Turret
›  Tailstock with hyd. quill
›  Linear Motion Guideways
›  Pre-tensloned Ball Screws on both the axes

Controller System


Productivity Improvement Options

›  Rear/Side Chip Conveyor
›  Bar Feeder
›  Bar Puller
›  Programmable Tail Stock
›  Part Catcher
›  Auto Door
›  Automatic Tool Setting
›  Fully tooled up solution to meet customer needs
›  Live Quill (Built-in Revolving Center)
›  Hyd. Collet Chuck
›  Live Center
›  3-Point Leveling System
›  Step-up Structure Concept


All above information is subject to change arising out of continuous product improvement.
The description 'standard accessories / feature' conforms to its list; not the photo of machine shown in the catalogue.

Machine Highlights


Rigid Structure

Rigid Structure he rigid bed and single piece 30 deg. slant saddle are made out of high grade cast iron for stability and least distortion enabling heavy cuts and faster production. With virtually no vibration, it means higher surface finish even on hard materials.

Step-up Structure Concept enables consistent machining performance because of widely space guideways, even at bigger diameter.

3 Point Leveling System
Due to high rigidity of the base design and 3 point leveling, twisting of bed is eliminated. This feature in DX 200 allows machine to be installed or relocated quickly and easily.


Main spindle is manufactured in house using world class machinery and assembled in a dust free controlled temperature environment. Spindle is housed in a cartridge with 3 super precision angular contact bearings in the front and 2 angular contact bearings at the rear end. This arrangement takes care of radial as well as axial loads.


Head Stock

Head Stock Made out of closed grain FG 260 casting and provided with fins for better heat dissipation.

Tail Stock

Tail Stock A manually movable tailstock with hydraulically actuated quill is a standard feature of the machine. Programmable tailstock with hydraulic movement is offered as an option.

High Speed Servo Turret

High Speed Servo Turret DX 200 machine is equipped with high speed and high precision Bi-directional Servo Turret with hydraulic clamping system achieved by 3-piece hirth coupling. Tool change time is just 0.5 second…

Operator Panel

Operator Panel The newly designed Easy-to-Operate operator panel of the machine is made considering operator friendliness and TPM concept.

Bar Feeder

From space saving short magazine versions to pneumatic or hydraulic single bar feeders, these are the key to maintain continuous unmanned running and reducing down time.

Part Catcher

Part Catcher This externally located catcher box allows easy conversion for automation, leaving operators free to do other jobs.

Chip Conveyor

Chip removal is already built into DX and TMC machines as chip trays. But Chip conveyor option does away with the need to empty the standard tray. Chip conveyor is highly recommended when continuous production is a priority.

Chip Conveyor

Automatic Tool Setting

Automatic Tool Setting Programmable for confident unmanned running. Allows the machine to set accurate tool data and even detect in-process tool wear or breakages.

Machining Range

Machining Range

Interference Diagram

Interference Diagram

Foundation Diagram

Foundation Diagram