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Jyoti - Propelling Technology, Prospering Life.
Jyoti - Propelling Technology, Prospering Life.

HMC 560



HMC 560 is a high speed, high precision 4 axis Horizontal Machining Center with worlds best available features to match the demanding requirement of the industry.
Key Features
Technical Specification
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Key Features

HMC 560 is a high speed, high precision 4 axis Horizontal Machining Center with worlds best available features to match the demanding requirement of the industry. The machine has very special standard features like Three Point Levelling, B-axis rotary table and Electro Spindle . The machine can easily perform variety of operations starting from heavy roughing to precision finishing work using different types of tools starting from the heavy milling cutters to the small drills and taps.

Technical Specifications



X,Y,Z axes 780 x 730 x 750 mm
Distance from Pallet surface to spindle center 80-810 mm
Distance from pallet center to spindle nose 100-850 mm

Auto Pallet Charger

Pallet Size 500 x 630 mm
Max.workpiece size (dia x height) 800 x 950 mm
Max. weight on Pallet 700 kg
Pallet Indexing Time 10 sec
Collission Circle Dia 1900 mm

Rotary Table

Min. table indexing as rotary table 0.001°
Type of Drive Direct Torque Motor
Max. Speed 60 rpm


Spindle Speed (max) 10000 rpm
Spindle Taper SK 50
Spindle Power 23.6 KW
Spindle Torque 148 NM


Rapid Traverse 50 M/min
Cutting Feed 20 M/min.

Automatic Tool Charger

Tool Storage Capacity 40 Tools
Max. Tool Diameter with all Pockets Full 125 mm
Max. Tool Length 350 mm
Max Tool Weight 15 kg
Tool Changing time (Tool to Tool) 2.5 sec

Accuracy (VDI/DGQ 3441)

Positioning Uncertainty 0.010 mm.

Machine Size

(L x W x H) 3255 x 5212 x 3500 mm
Machine Weight (Including NC Unit) 19000 kgs

Standard Features

›  AC Motorised Spindle Drive
›  AC SERVO Digital Drive
›  B-axis with directly driven torque motor
›  L. M. Guideways (Roller Type)
›  Auto & Manual Coolant System
›  Centralised & Programmable Lubrication
›  Laser Calibrated Axis for highly precise positioning accuracy and Repeatability
›  Electricals with Quality Devices & Panel with A. C.
›  Control System 840D SL


›  Coolant from spindle
›  Tool storage capacity 60 or 90
›  High Torque Motor for spindle


All above information is subject to change arising out of continuous product improvement.
The description 'standard accessories / featuers' conforms to its list; not the photo of machine shown in the catalogue.

Machine Highlights


Monoblock Base Structure

Monoblock Base Structure The machine base and column are made of 60 grade SG iron casting to provide very good rigidity and geometrical accuracy The machine is having a totally balanced and stable construction with optimum design features that makes vibration free and high speed cutting possible. column is fixed and saddle is traveling to provide rigidity and excellent balance while machining operations are performed in all positions of X and Y axis. The x-axis is driven by two ball screw drives with motors synchronized in master slave configuration, thus the Center of Gravity of the moving mass will remain always within the driving points of the slide. X Slide is a cross ribbed structure which forms rigid support to Y Slide.

Three Point Levelling Assured

Three Point Levelling Assured HMC 560 could be easily installed and leveled with the help of three point leveling, an important feature of this machine. This feature also eases the operation of moving and transferring the machine one location to other.


Spindle HMC 560 is having a high speed electro Spindle for maximum cutting performance. Standard spindle power is 23.6 KW with a continuous torque of 146 Nm and a maximum speed of 10000 RPM. Spindle is supported with a set of four ceramic angular contact bearings in the front and two angular contact bearings at the rear side. This arrangement provides high axial and radial rigidity to support variety of machining tasks. The spindle has SK 50 tool interface taper. The thermal stability of the spindle is maintained by using a special temperature controlled liquid chiller. High Torque Spindle and Very high Speed spindle with 6000 and 15000 RPM are available as options.

Automatic Tool Changer

Automatic Tool Changer Auto Tool Changer is having 40 Tool magazine as standard for this machine. This is a chain type magazine with twin arm type Auto Tool Changer. Tool Change time is 2.5 seconds and Chip to chip time is 6.5 seconds. ATC with 60 tools and 90 tools are also available as an option.

Operator Panel

Operator Panel The newly designed Easy-to-Operate operator panel of the machine is made considering the reliability and the operator friendliness.

The CNC Controller
The controller is SINUMERIK 840D, the best available in the world with it's complete user friendly features. With the help of 300 blocks look-ahead-facility, the programme execution speed could be optimised to its peak. Torque and Velocity oriented feed forward control almost eradicates following errors in the programme execution and achieves consistently high precision even at fast machining speeds. NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines), the interpolation process of the SINUMERIK 840D, enables all sculptured surfaces to be directly interpolated as they are generated by the CAD/CAM system. With NURBS interpolation, the part programs are 60% shorter in comparison to G-code and processing is faster. Severe shock loads on the axes caused by the heavy depth of cut and the hardness of the machined material tends to deviate the tool path. With Dynamic Stiffness Control (DSC) the tool remains on the programmed ideal path even at the highest speeds and cutting forces.

Electro Spindle

Electro Spindle


Rotary Table

Rotary Table The unique standard feature of this machine is the B axis with 0.001 deg. angle resolution. The rotary table is directly driven by a high torque servo motor which enables a smooth and precise torque transmission, resulting high feed and speed compared other gear driven mechanisms.


Guideways High Precision Monorail Roller Guideways are featured with exceptional static and dynamic stiffness with high load bearing capacity. The complete protected sealing against dirt and dust give the guides virtually maintenance free service life.

Auto Pallet Changer

Auto Pallet Changer HMC 560 is equipped with hydraulically actuated rotary type Twin Pallet Changer. Pallet Changing time is 10 seconds.

Power Speed Diagram

Power Speed Diagram


Machine Layout
Machine Layout


Machining Interference
Machining Interference